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Title: Chimes
Rating: PG (for super slight language)
Pairing/Focus: Heechul/Yoona
Summary: Yoona never hears them, she hears her heart cracking instead.
A/N: HEECHUL ENLISTING IN SEPTEMBER I AM NOT READY. ;_____; Actually, I've been wanting to write a Yoonchul fic for a long time, so here I am posting a Yoonchul fic. XDDD Basically, it was Yoona's reaction when she found out about Heechul's sudden enlisting. First Super Generation fic! :) Hoping you like. ^^

Yoona places wind chimes on her dorm window.

Metal cylinders clinging and tinkling against each other whenever a breeze floats by. But then, Yoona never hears them.

Yoona never opens her window. She never does because she didn't want to. There was no purpose for opening it. And so, she never hears the chimes.

She hears her heart cracking instead. Little pieces slowly falling and hitting the ground floor. It hurt to hear them because the way they fall were so quiet yet so loud that her ears drown from the noise.

Her heart breaks and cracks and shatters because she hears someone say, "Heechul-oppa says he's enlisting on September 1," and she doesn't know what else to do but run.

The shouts of, "Yoona, where are you going?" or "Hey, what's wrong?" or "Yoona!" were never heard because all she could hear were her feet stomping, right foot, left foot, zooming through the corridors and the streets until she finds the place she was looking for.

She pants, and clenches her fist to place a soft knock, knock on the door before her. Thump, thump. Her heart was pounding and there was no one. She couldn't hear anything.


And then she hears herself crying all of a sudden, tears falling like raindrops from her deep and mysterious eyes.

Someone envelopes her in their arms and embraces her so tight, she didn't want to be let go. 2 years. 2 painful years before this happens again.

"You can't go, oppa. You just can't. Not now,"

His shirt gets soaked from her tears but he doesn't care. Heck, he might not even wash it just so he could take a piece of her with him.

"Shh, Yoona. Everything's going to be alright. I won't be for long. And hey, you're the strongest, bravest, most beautiful girl I have ever met,"

He takes her face in his hands.

"You can do it, trust me. You don't need me to be happy,"

But she does. She knows so well that she does.


"Everyone wil be there for you. They'll be there to cheer you up and—”

"You won't even wait for our comeback?"

He stops and silences himself because Shit, Kim Heechul. How could you forget about that? He chokes on his own words because he literally had no answer. Instead, he embraces her again and inhales her sweet and soft scent.

"Yoona.. whatever you do, whatever happens, I'll always be proud of you. And I may not be there, but you know I will be, okay?"

He lets his own tears fall because she's the only reason (the only sole reason) why he kept questioning himself if he should still go or not. She was the only reason he kept pulling himself back because he didn't want to leave her. He couldn't.

"You don't have to wait for me,"

"But I will,"

She smiles at him and he doesn't protest. It was good to hear, actually. He knows he told everyone not to wait, but she was an exception.

"When you come back, I want you to go through my window,"

They both laugh.

"Why?" but she just shrugs so he agrees. He was probably going to do it anyway, since he was the Heechul. (4-dimensional, crazy, fun-loving Heechul).

"I'm sorry I got your shirt all wet. I'm a messy cry-er,"

"Nah, it's okay. I might keep it like this too. So I can have you with me all the time,"

Since then, since he left, Yoona always opened the window. And every time she heard the metal chimes, she knew there was hope and that he was coming back, that she had to wait just a little more.

And he kept the shirt, but then again, didn't see the point of it. Because he knew he already had a piece of her with him: her heart, since she surely had his.

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