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Title: I never stopped loving you
Pairing: YamapixKeiko
Rating: T
Genre: Romance/Angst
Type: One-shot
Summary: The world knew they were meant to be together, they just wouldn’t let it happen. Call it cliché, but destiny now existed because of them.
A/N: Before anything else, I recommend you listen to Yamapi's song "Loveless" while reading this, since this fic is pretty much based on the song. XDD I fell inlove with KeikoPi in Buzzer Beat, and I started shipping them since then. :) I never really thought I could write sad stories, but I tried. XDD Hope you like it. :D

They never really knew when it actually ended, but it did.

It was a sad ending. Not a bitter one, not a bad one, but definitely a sad one. Everyone thought they were perfect for each other, even the both of them. Something just…got in the way.

Clearly, it was unexpected. I mean, you wouldn’t expect a relationship as good as theirs would end just like that. It just wasn’t right. And it never will be. As long as things stay like this.

He didn’t start it, she didn’t either. They both did. It was kind of funny, actually. They still were in sync, even in the breaking-up part.

That was just it. They weren’t supposed to ever arrive to that stage, to the point where all good things come to an end. They knew they weren’t going to arrive there, but they did.

The press was trying to pair her up with someone knew, and her manager and the company thought it would boost her career if she had anything to do with the guy. They also didn’t want her to be involved with the boys of Johnny’s Entertainment.

They were going to jeopardize his image if she didn’t do it. She explained it to him, except for the last part. He understood (even though it hurt so much).

“I’m sorry.” She said, looking down, crying.

“Don’t be. I’m fine.” He lied. He didn’t like lying to her, but telling her he was fine was for her own good.

He lifted her face as he tried his best to smile.

With one last peck on her lips, he left. Turning around, he couldn’t control the tears anymore, so he let them fall.

And with that, everything was gone.

He didn’t want to ruin her career because of him, and she didn’t want him to get hurt because of her. The irony of it all.


2 months after, he’s still a wreck. 2 months after, she’s still troubled. Nothing pretty much changed since that day except for the fact that they weren’t together anymore.

It was announced that they were going to be in a drama together again, and both got thrilled. Unfortunately, the people weren’t.

After a few hours of talking, the company convinced the press that her acting in it was just a plain rumor. Nothing more, nothing less. She was in disbelief, and he was disappointed.


The world knew they were meant to be together, they just wouldn’t let it happen. Call it cliché, but destiny now existed because of them.

All possible communications have been cut. They didn’t mail, they didn’t call, they didn’t get together and they pretended like the other didn’t exist. It was making their lives a living hell.


It was winter and it was snowing. She thought this would be the best to way to cry in public, since no one would ask why. He thought it was the best time to stroll in the park, trying to think of things.

Little fragile dainty snowflakes were falling from the sky, covering the park with a big white blanket. During times like these, they would have probably been playing in the snow, like little kids that didn’t have a care in the world. But their beauty got destroyed.

She slowly walked along the snowy path as tears fell from her eyes. She tried stopping them by looking up at the sky, but the serenity of it made her cry even more. She dropped her head and continued sniffing as she struggled to walk straight.

It didn’t come as a surprise to him when he found her there. She still looked the same as she did last time he saw her.

She’s still as beautiful as ever.

He thought, slowly approaching her figure.

She heard footsteps and hoped it wasn’t some paparazzi or a random civilian.

She looked up and prayed that the person in front of her was who she expected.


And her prayers got answered.

“Keiko.” He smiled, and she just stared at him. She loved seeing him. Being with him gives her some certain warmth or comfort that no one could give. He was the only one that did it.

“What are you doing here?” She smiled weakly as she wiped her tears, trying her best to pretend that she wasn’t crying.

“I decided to do some thinking. And this was the best place to do that, so…yeah.”

“Oh, okay.”

She smiled a fake one. He wasn’t buying any of it.

“What’s wrong?”

She could notice the worry in his tone, and she also noticed that he knew something was wrong with they way she was acting. She was a great actress, really, but he just knew the real her too well.

She smiled again, even though she knew it wouldn’t work.

“Wrong? Nothing. I’m fine.”

“You’re not. How can you be happy when you’re crying?”

“There was just something in my eye, that’s all.”

She really tried, but he just raised his eyebrows at her.

“It was just—”

She got cut-off by warm, loving arms wrapping around her small figure. He didn’t care anymore, he just wanted this moment with her to be perfect, even though things weren’t as good as they were before.

“I miss you.”

He whispered, eyes closed. She hugged him back and wasn’t willing to let go.

“I miss you too.”

They wished for time to stop, but that was just impossible. So they had to let go.

He looked at her in the eyes as she did in his. She then looked down and played with her fingers, a sign that she was nervous.

“Pi, I’m really, really sorry. They threatened to involve you and I just couldn’t—”

“I know. I’ve always known. It’s not your fault Keiko.”

He lifted her face with the warm touch of his hand. Their gazes locked and they closed the distance between them.

She never really knew that she missed him this much. She missed his warmth and glow, his hands touching hers, his tight hugs that always seem to find a way to comfort her, and his kiss, that made her heart pound.

They both broke free, panting for air.

He smiled and she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him in for another hug. He wrapped her arms around her waist and tightened his hold on her.

He thought that they could start over. He didn’t care about how much of a risk it is. They were beyond the play of the media. They were made for each other. They were meant to be.

They were destiny.



He was shaking at first, not because he was unsure of what to ask, but because he was frightened of what her answer might be.

“How about we…start over?”

And he’s hoping she would say yes.

“I’d like that.”

She whispered and tightened her grip on Yamapi. Her Yamapi.

He smiled and she cried, this time with tears of joy.

They weren’t willing to let go this time.

I never stopped loving you, Keiko.

KeikoPi is <3. Seriously. :') I love them both to bits. :D :) They make my heart flutter. XDD
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