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I decided to make this list after I got so many people asking me which fics were good and great and all that. Honestly though, I appreciate everyone writing YutoYama/Yamajima fics because yay! Let's spread the YutoxYamada love!!!! That said, I do have a list of fics that are very very very dear to my heart. Fics that I constantly re-read and get inspired over AND FAWN OVER AND JUST UGH. Fics that I think are really beautiful AND SHOULD BE READ BY EVERYONE BECAUSE REALLY GUYS THESE FICS ARE SO FANTASTIC. These fics have inspired me to write more, to write better, and just.. I love them. Words wouldn't be able to describe it, but yea. I really do. I hope you love them as much as I do! :)

Anyways, onwards to the list! I'll be categorizing them by author, and I'll also be putting in my favorite line EVER from that fic. I hope you all enjoy reading as much as I did. YTYM/YMJM FANFIC WRITERS ARE THE BEST. (Note: I mostly read from AO3)

Author: thanku4urlove
Title: I Like You
Rating: G
Link: here
Fave line: “I mean, it’ll be cool, but… I mostly just enjoyed being there with you all day.”

Title: Bucket List
Rating: G
Link: here
Fave line: “Yeah! It’ll be fun. Besides, you can’t really…” He looked over the list again. “You can’t really be kissed in the rain all by yourself, can you?”

Title: Lightweight
Rating: PG
Link: here
Fave line: “Well… I was about to be jealous, honestly, but then you turned and told me how much you liked my face. And my butt. And a few other things. Tsuyoshi thought it was sweet.”

Author: katieisperalda
Title: 8 times JUMP made Yuto realize he needed to talk to Yamada + 1 time Yuto figured it out himself
Rating: G
Link: here
Fave line: Theirs was the friendship that could only be struck up between 11-year-olds who saw a certain spark in each other that adults are oblivious to, who trusted each other to wake them up on the train, who begged adults to include the other in activities they do.

Author: rikotan
Title: falling hard, literally
Rating: G
Link: here
Fave line: Yamada’s fingers traced the bandages that were hidden beneath his clothes, before asking, “What is it to love someone?”

Author: lovetoosweet
Title: Three Cheese Pizza
Rating: PG
Link: here
Fave line: "I am not getting a boyfriend from a pizza delivery place!"

Author: chocomint
Title: All The Things You Never Knew
Rating: T
Link: here
Fave line: “Show me how it was moon dust.”

Title: Q&A
Rating: T
Link: here
Fave line: “Stars get tired, too. They’re tired of holding wishes. They try their best not to disappoint their dreamers, but they reach their limits and give in. The moment a star falls, it actually wants us to know that ‘Hey, I carried you but I can’t do this anymore. It’s just so heavy. So allow me to show you a visibly magnificent downfall.’

Author: incandescence
Title: carry on the breeze (you'll never find me gone)
Rating: Explicit
Link: here
Fave line: When the storm dies down, when Winter’s temper abates, Ryosuke opens the leather-bound album to glossy pictures of red and gold.

Author: yunnings (ladylolli)
Title: out of breath
Rating: T
Link: here
Fave line: They’ve spent too much together in each other’s embrace that sealing each other’s lips was as fluid as water lapping stones smooth.

Author: nightbaron079
Title: Paper Catapults
Rating: G
Link: here
Fave line: "Sorry on kinda leaving you behind on the growing up part. I told you to drink your milk."

Title: Sunflower Summers
Rating: G
Link: here
Fave line: Yamada had turned his back to Tall Stranger Guy, busying himself with fumbling with his keys and quietly thanking that it was at least dark enough for Tall Stranger Guy to not see how red his face was. “Well, Umika-chan promised you bread… and... I have bread, so…” Yamada has no future in kidnapping. Or pick-up lines.

Author: obsessedmak
Title: I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up to Be Yours
Rating: M
Link: here
Fave line: “And the captains, Nakajima Yuto and Yamada Ryosuke, shake hands...which is bullshit really. Give us a kiss!” Chinen insists as his voice resonates through the stadium.

Title: but don’t move honey (you look so perfect standing there)
Rating: T
Link: here
Fave line: The word ‘casual’ repeats itself like a drumbeat in Yamada’s head. It doesn’t drown out the orchestra of ‘I love you’s’.

Title: wave after wave (i'm slowly drifting)
Rating: M
Link: here
Fave line: “I flew over 6000 miles to fuck you. What’s more romantic than that?”

Author: Lady_Michiru
Title: Sparkling Diamonds
Rating: M
Link: here
Fave line: The grueling summer is giving slowly into the breeze of early autumn, but for some reason Yamada flushes all over when Yuto emerges from the bathroom with a green towel around his waist, sparkling drops of water shining over expanses of dreamlike creamy skin, perfect diamonds over a snow field.

Title: And all I wanna do is let you lead me off into the dusk
Rating: Explicit
Link: here
Fave line: And home is this candor, this fervor that is familiar and strange all at once, home is the way Yuto laughs and sighs, the ways Yuto’s fingers feel when they dig into his waist to bring him closer still.

Title: Fire meet gasoline
Rating: M
Link: here
Fave line: He ran there, Yamada realizes; Nakajima ran all the way there for him. And that’s enough, his self-control has a limit, and Nakajima has been testing it for far too long.

Title: Say it right
Rating: Explicit
Link: here
Fave line: “Don’t let him push you away, kid. No matter what he says, he does care about you if he brought you here. He’s never done that before.”

Author: blinking_post
Title: Jump (Grand Romantic Gesture)
Rating: G
Link: here
Fave line: A pause. Then an unimpressed, “Your grand romantic gesture.”

Title: This Moment (Right Here and Now)
Rating: Explicit
Link: here
Fave line: At the top of his lungs he shouts, “Really, love you!” The crowd, from the floor to the top row, roars but Yuto just silently mouths, “Me too,” and well, that’s just it, isn’t it?

Title: Ready? Go!
Rating: G
Link: here
Fave line: “I thought for sure Yuto was going to wait forever for you because childhood friends who did everything together but fell apart due to the entertainment industry only to find their way back to each other is a love story of epic proportions - really, who can compete with that? - but I guess I was wrong.”

Title: Anyone in the World (It was Always You)
Rating: Explicit
Link: here
Fave line: Chinen sees the moment he has his epiphany and claps his shoulder once, chuckling at him. “With how idiotic you two are with each other, it’s a miracle I could help you with anything.”

Rating: Explicit
Link: here
Fave line: This is why he puts himself through hell. Because on the other side Yuto will be there.

And there we have it! My YTYM/YMJM fic rec list! :D I have toooons of fics that I have yet to read (and write lol) so this list will be growing too. I'll add in all the lovely fics I will read in the future that capture my heart, and tell you all when I update the list. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy reading all of those listed above and please DO NOT FORGET TO SHOW YOUR LOVE TO THESE LOVELY AUTHORS. Whether it be a kudos, a comment, anything really. BECAUSE YTYM/YMJM FIC WRITERS ARE HELLA AMAZING AND GAHD UGH JUST. I SWEAR. They're all so lovely and wonderful and my heart swells every time I read beautiful fics. CHEERS TO THE YTYM/YMJM FANDOM. ❤❤❤

P.S. Shameless plugging: I do some writing too? uhm? NOT AS BEAUTIFUL AS THE ONES ABOVE BUT YOU KNOW. I TRY TO KEEP UP. HUHUHUHUHU. Fics of mine are here: AO3. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE IF YOU READ. You guys make my heart feel full. *sends you all a million internet hugs and kisses*
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How Cain and Abel is a drama that feminists should lose their minds over—and not in the good way

To start things off, let me introduce to you the drama at hand. Cain and Abel is a 2016 drama that stars Yamada Ryosuke as Takada Yu, the son of a big hotshot owner of a real estate company called Takada Corporation. Long story short, the title comes from the fact that Yamada’s character Yu is someone who lacks in confidence in himself because he craved attention from his Father and was always in the shadow of his more established brother, much like the story of Cain and Abel from the Bible.

I would go on about the complicated relationship between the three, except that’s not really the complicated relationship we should be focusing on right now.

The drama basically has two evident female characters: Yahagi Azusa and Hikari. Azusa, an employee in the company, is the older brother Ryuichi’s then secret girlfriend, before he introduces her to his family. Hikari is a somewhat best friend to Yu, the two of them always eating dinner after office hours.

I would like to focus on these two incredible women.

And how they were robbed off of the characterization they deserved.

Starting with the leading lady, Azusa is first shown in the Takada celebration party, when Yu accidentally showers her with champagne after opening the bottle he had gotten. They meet, share drinks, and laugh together. All is well. She notices him look solemn during his Dad’s speech, when the old man was praising his older brother.

Basically, they get assigned to be together a lot, Azusa motivating Yu to do well. Better, even. She’s there in the moments when he deals with clients. She’s there when he’s in a pinch. They start to grow a partnership and a friendship, finding solace in each other when things go slightly wrong. However, his heart gets momentarily broken when he finds out she’s his brother’s girlfriend. I would like to focus more on this complication, but that would be for a different entry. But she always finds comfort in being with the younger boy, as well. Even going so far as to saying the she was more herself when she was with him.

Hikari, on the other hand, is a different situation.

Hikari was first shown as the girl who Yu is close with. Close enough that she would ruffle his hair whenever she wanted, because it was the normal thing to do. Yu would tease her, and she wouldn’t get offended. They were shown to be quite close friends. Their bond can also be seen every time they would eat at Hirose, a restaurant that they would frequent after office hours. It seems like they had been friends for quite a long time, as well.

But of course, the twist of that would be that she secretly has a crush on her friend. And the whole drama, she doesn’t know how to tell him that, often struggling with the confession. Never mind that this situation has been dealt with hundreds and thousands of times already by all the other forms of media out there.

Anyways, going back, I would like list down a few things why both Azusa and Hikari were mishandled wrongly, and how they could have been so much more than what they got.

Azusa is a strong woman. She’s shown to be quite good at what she does, her mentioning that she was transferred to the current branch of office from her previous one. We saw her handle situations with Yu quite bravely and courageously, even putting him in his place sometimes. But of course, she also has her weaknesses. Throughout the drama, we see her act quite fickle, often indecisive, and can’t stick to something that she really wants.

She says she wants to marry Ryuichi, seems to be hell bent on doing so. But there are scenes of her thinking about Yu, hugging Yu from behind while crying, finding comfort in being with him, not pushing him away when he was so close to kissing her. Frankly, this shows that she did, in fact, have growing feelings for the younger boy. She would’ve rejected him flat out if she didn’t. But this also shows that she didn’t know how to handle them. And was probably too afraid to admit them as well. Because she has to be with Ryuichi. At this point, I’m not even really sure if she wants to be with the older brother. But I know that she thinks she has to be with him. For some reason forever unknown because it wasn’t even explained why, in the end.

To shift topics, I now go onto Hikari.


There really isn’t that much to Hikari, is there? We see her be the sweetest, cutest, smiley-est girl in the drama, even more so than Azusa. She was always happy. Always making Yu feel okay.
But what she does, the whole drama mind you, is stare at Yu longingly. Jealousy. Sadly. Wanting his attention. Fawning over him. Clawing for him to notice. The only other thing she did was give Yu pep talks and all of that. But still. That was still centered on Yu.

And here is why they were both mistreated.

Because of the brothers they both ended up with.

I honestly wanted this to be a different getsu9 drama in which no one ended up with each other. Part of the reason why I hated the ending so much is because of all the unanswered questions, all the plot holes, all the parts that weren’t explained, and how rushed and forced everything was. But another reason?

The girls were used as plot devices. They were used as tools.

Azusa, as much as she also did something wrong, did not deserve to be stuck with a man who had harmed her both physical and emotionally. That right there is a warning signal already. Not even just a warning. That’s supposed to be a red flag. But no, the writers constantly made her go back to her supposed “love” and constantly forgive him even though he didn’t look as sorry as he was supposed to be. Ryuichi did her wrong. He laid a hard hand on her. He left her at their wedding. He made her cry so much and put her in so much pain. But the writers still made them end up together. As if nothing had happened.

Hikari, could have been so much more than just a side character constantly vying for the main character’s attention. I’m happy she was happy in the end. Yu liked her back. Sure. But is that it? That’s all she’ll ever be? A girl in love with the main? I wanted to know more about her. How she fell in love with Yu. How she is at work. What she does in work. How her and Yu got close to Hirose’s owner. If she has a family. Her background. If she does anything else. Sure, we didn’t get that much of Azusa as well, seeing as they’re both not the actual main (I have such a big problem about this as well. It’s a getsu9, for Christ’s sake. And they don’t even put a woman on the promotional material), but we could’ve gotten something else at least. Something so much more than “a girl who likes the main character”. She deserves that.

Women are so much more than the guys they like.

I repeat.


Yu might’ve been the star, Ryuichi after him. But there was so much unnecessary scenes in the drama that we could’ve gone without. We could’ve used those as screen time for the two lovely ladies who barely got any backbone to their characters, aside from chasing after two brothers who can’t seem to get their shit together and fix their stupid rivalry.

I am so sick of women always being second. Of always being just the “love interest”. Of always being just the “support” for men. Of always being the tools to drive men somewhere.
Of always being mere plot devices.

We are living in 2016, for fuck’s sake.

We are capable of so much more than that.

This script was already bad enough. But as a feminist, I am appalled at how the main women in this drama were treated. Momo-chan seemed to have been a step in the right direction, but even she wasn’t focused enough (not to mention how wrapped she was to her "love" as well). They might’ve gotten a so-called “happy” ending. But not without their characters getting either butchered, underdeveloped, ignored, and used.

All I’m saying is: if you’re a hardcore feminist like I am? 100/10 would not recommend. At all.

But if you can sit through all that unfair treatment, and not get phased by it, then by all means. Go ahead. Watch it to your heart’s content.

P.S. Also: as a feminist, I am completely flabbergasted by how so little seem to care about this, just because they got their so-called “happy” ending. I’m really sorry(notsorry), but I’m not too blinded by my love for the actors and actresses to not care about the issues at hand. While everyone was raving about a kiss, I was here wondering why the women were treated so wrongly. And I regret nothing.

P.P.S. If you have any reactions to this entry, by all means, I’m ready. Hit me with your best shot. :)


Dec. 12th, 2016 10:24 pm
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But I should reallyyyyyyy update the info on my LJ HAHAHAHAHAHA

Should I?

Jul. 31st, 2016 11:30 pm
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Seriously thinking whether or not I should make a a blog specifically for Hey! Say! JUMP album/single reviews

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Jul. 25th, 2016 10:22 pm
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i crei

Jul. 25th, 2016 01:09 am
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I wish a kind soul would be willing to sub Pink and Gray because I really want to understand the twist in this story but I cannot for the life of me comprehend japanese all that well huhuhu


Jul. 22nd, 2016 12:36 pm
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Management needs to take a chill pill because the DEAR. tour starts next week in Osaka while Yamada is still filming FMA and is a regular on School Kakumei and Inoo is a regular everywhere on Meringue, Mezamashi, and a semi-regular in Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen and all his other projects. Not to mention they're both regulars in Itadaki and Little Tokyo Life/Live (at least this one alternates with JWest). I'm super proud of my bbs, of course, and I'm glad they have so many projects but I hope they don't spread themselves too thin. Lack of sleep never looks good on anyone.

Get some rest, both of you! (And the rest of JUMP too).
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Completely LOL-ing at all my old posts HAHAHAHAHA

I was so young wtf
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Okay, annual revamp time! :D =)) Of course, still from [ profile] fruitstyle. I swearm you should all check the journal out. Awesome layouts, profile codes, Winamp skins, and a lot more. :> And, if course, still Hey! Say! JUMP. My boys will never ever be replaced. :"> ♥

Will be doing a lot of updating soon. Lots of fics coming up, so watch out for that, guys. ;)

That would be all. Byebye.
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I like all things Marvel. Daredevil, Spiderman, The Hulk, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, X-Men, Captain America, Thor, you name it. But if you let me pick from these, my favorite movie would be Iron Man (but all the movies were awesome for me, really). I don't hate any comic book-turned movies, but Green Lantern I didn't like so much. I don't know why, but it turned out to be meh for me.


Jul. 30th, 2011 08:14 pm
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I can't freakin' post my fic, damn it. :|
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I've been in the JPop fandom for roughly about 5 years now, and that makes me a Hey! Say! JUMP fan since 2007 and a hell of a well devoted and loyal fan too. XDD And since then, I've been forever fangirling, flailing, and loving (You know, as a fan. Not the serious type. I know my limits. :)) ) a super sweet, cute, hot, sexy, (everything, really) all around boy who rocks the Piano and Keyboards so hard it makes me melt. :') And guess what? It's his birthday. ;) Yup, you got it right.


I can't tell you all how much I adore this boy. :"> He's just so sweet and hilarious and talented. XDDD I'm really hoping in Hey! Say! JUMP's new single, he gets more lines. :( He deserves it, I swear. He's got a great voice! :) I hope he guest stars (praying so hard that this will happen XDDD) in Hikaru, Fujigaya and Tamamori's new drama too! \:D/ After all, Hikaru is his band member, Fujigaya's his label-mate and Tamamori's his bestfriend. XDDD I really hope he does, even just for an episode. :) :D

Wow, this is turning out to be long. XDDD

Inoo Kei! You're 21 now (and god damn it, you're legal. If you know what I mean. ;) ) but I hope you still manage to be as cute as you already are. I wish for further success for you and your group. :) (Oh! And a solo song!)

Happy Happy Happy Birthday! :) :D
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I have two prompts that I haven't even started yet. I need inspiration. *heartbreak* asdknAEF bwaobawurbvawubrwo b aw sb obas cwe Huhuhu. T______________T :((

Okay, so circus!SHINee and.. I haven't even thought of an f(x) one! :((

Anyone want to suggest a prompt? I'd be happy to put it up for consideration. :D Or maybe it could give me ideas. :> :))

Writer's block, please end. Bye.
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WRITERS BLOCK. -____________-

Hopefully I finish this fic (heck, I hope I even start) before I leave on 22. ^^; It's an AU fic though, so it's kind of difficult but not completely. :) I'll probably start after this post. :))

That's all I guess. Byebye. ^^ *waves*
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So after Jongna, beta-ing then posting another set of drabbles up again. :D :) Exciiiiited. ♥

So far, Ontoria's the most pretty one. :"> :))

Gosh, I don't even know how to start the Jongna one. @-) Ohwell, back to writing. :-j :)
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I've missed LJ. :( And all its pretty graphics. :D I used to be soooo active, but then.. school started. Actually, I could still access it, but then I was a graduating student so it was pretty damn hard to. ^^; Well, anyway. time for my annual revamp! :D With, of course, another lay-out from [ profile] fruitstyle. :)

This year, my lay-out's turned to gray for a more lighter feel than the one last year. :) And, as per usual, my love for Hey! Say! JUMP stays the same. :') I kind of like this one because it has certain summer-y feel to it. :D Credits to [ profile] h_vivi for the picture. :)

Well, I guess that's all. :) I'll be posting a new fic in a few days, so watch out for that. :D

Byebye! *wayes*
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Introduction to Economics and its basic concepts

Advanced Algebra
Including Functions and Linear Equations

New Criticism, focusing on how a story is good

Yeah, studying sucks. :|
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I changed my layout again! :D I'm gonna do this every year. :) From Peach, to Green, to Blue and now Black. XDD Of course, my layout and profile layout's still from the lovely community [ profile] fruitstyle :D :) You should try going there sometimes, they have awesome layouts, profile codes, wallpapers and everything. ;) As usual, Hey! Say! JUMP still has my heart as it still is my header for the 3rd time in a row. :') They look so pretty. :D This would probably be the first header that they look serious, since in my two previous ones, they were smiling. XDD Also, thanks to [ profile] inoovirus for the picture in the header. :D :) I also made new icons, like this sexy Inoo one. Hoooooot. =P~ XDDD Anyway, that's all. :D :)

Byebye. *waves*


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