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And, yaaaaaaay!! We have Set 3 or my randomness boredom SHINee/f(x) drabbles!! :D :3 My personal favorite would be the couple that appears in my icon, because I can totally imagine the whole thing. =)) Anyway, here you go guys. :D :)

Onew/Sulli – teddy bears
teddy bears )

Jonghyun/Amber – long plane rides
long plane rides )

Minho/Krystal – midnight phone conversations
midnight phone conversations )

Taemin/Victoria – step by step
step by step )

Key/Luna – you’ll regret it
you'll regret it )

Yay for Set 3. :3 Too bad it's nearing the end though. :( But nonetheless, it's not like I'll stop writing SHINee/f(x) anyway. :)) They are too shippable for me not to write. :') Anywayyy, hope you guys enjoyed reading it and comments are very much appreciated! ♥ :)
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A day late, sorry. :( But whatever. :)) Anyway, here is part 2 of my boredom SHINee/f(x) Drabble sets! Yay. :D Here you goooo. Oh, and one is particularly long because I could not stop writing, but I cut it down anyway. :)) Guess which one that is. ;)

Onew/Amber – incomplete
incomplete )

Jonghyun/Luna – is that what i think it is?
is that what I think it is? )

Minho/Victoria – head over heart
head over heart )

Taemin/Krystal – so that’s how you wanna play it
so that's how you wanna play it )

Key/Sulli – what i’m thankful for
what I'm thankful for )

Oh, btw, Happy Birthday Luna!! ^^ Anyway, hope you guys enjoy reading and comments are much appreciated. ♥
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Title: Just Like A Circus
Pairing: SHINee/f(x)
Rating: G
Genre: General
Summary: Come one, come all and come see! The circus of the amazing shining SHINee!
A/N: FINALLY. -________- Writer's block for a long time. But fortunately, I got to finish it already! \:D/ Shiny Effects in AU this time. :)

Come on, come all! Enter our tent and see the best show yet! We’ve got acrobats, clowns, fire breathers, magicians, lion tamers, trapeze artists and a whole lot more! Enter for a wonderful sight and prizes galore! Come one, come all and come see! The circus of the amazing shining SHINee!

1. The Clown (Jongna)
I like to hide my feelings too. )

2. The Magician (Ontoria)
Abra Kadabra Alakazam )

3. The Fire Breather (Minstal)
I don’t like fire that much. )

4. The Acrobat (Taelli)
But you fell hard )

5. The Ring Master (Keyber)
It's his duty to always be there. )

AU SHINee/f(x) for your time. :)) I missed these pairings. :') Hope you enjoy reading! :)
Comments are much appreciated. ♥

P.S. Don't you just love circuses? I find them so interesting. XDD
P.P.S. Just in case people get confused. XDDDDD
Jonghyun - Clown
Onew - Magician
Minho - Fire Breather
Taemin - Acrobat
Key - Ring Master


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