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Apr. 1st, 2009 09:28 am
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Why don't you just speak English all the time so you could melt everyone? XDDD Yes, it's Okamato Keito time! XDDD English boy has got to be the most underrated member of the group. But I know somewhere out there, Keito fans are gathering up and are fanflailing about him. XDDD I love Keito, actually. He's down to Earth and simple, but his co-member just takes me heart. Sorry Keito! XDDD But I do wish you a happy birthday! Hope you're happy today! :D

Those arms are sooooooo gorgeous! XDDD
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Hi. The name's NiƱa. NO OTHER NICKNAMES PLEASE. So, I'm kinda new here at livejournal and just joined not too long ago. My sister introduced me here and I happen to like it so I decided to join. My sister helped me in customizing my page so credits to her. Though I'm not much of a pink fan though But I guess peach is okay.

Not much happened last week. Except for the fact that my Hey! Say! JUMP Calendar finally arrived! It was big though. I thought it was just a small plain calendar that had pictures of the members of Hey! Say! JUMP but I guess I was wrong. How dare I underestimate Johnny's? Also, last week we had an outing at MOA (Mall Of Asia) and watched a movie called Solstice. Yeah it was scary but what we noticed even more is that the seats we reserved are right under the air conditioning. SO while watching the movie, we were freezing especially me, being in the middle and DIRECTLY under the air conditioning. But we still managed too enjoy the movie anyway. After that we went to Timezone where we tried to get some stuffed toys from the claw thingy that I don't know what's called but unfortunately we didn't even get a single one. All we got was simply candy. That's all. But what emptied our wallets was when we had a puricura, purikura oh whatever that's called. In the end we had fun anyway.

Speaking of happenings, guess what day today is. Yes, it's April 1. Most people know that today is April fools day but today is also our dear Okamoto Keito's birthday. Let's greet him a happy birthday everyone, he's 15 today! Ok, we can't do it personally but at least we greeted him. And for his birthday I used him as an icon. Yay! Happy Birthday Keito! ^^


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