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I've been in the JPop fandom for roughly about 5 years now, and that makes me a Hey! Say! JUMP fan since 2007 and a hell of a well devoted and loyal fan too. XDD And since then, I've been forever fangirling, flailing, and loving (You know, as a fan. Not the serious type. I know my limits. :)) ) a super sweet, cute, hot, sexy, (everything, really) all around boy who rocks the Piano and Keyboards so hard it makes me melt. :') And guess what? It's his birthday. ;) Yup, you got it right.


I can't tell you all how much I adore this boy. :"> He's just so sweet and hilarious and talented. XDDD I'm really hoping in Hey! Say! JUMP's new single, he gets more lines. :( He deserves it, I swear. He's got a great voice! :) I hope he guest stars (praying so hard that this will happen XDDD) in Hikaru, Fujigaya and Tamamori's new drama too! \:D/ After all, Hikaru is his band member, Fujigaya's his label-mate and Tamamori's his bestfriend. XDDD I really hope he does, even just for an episode. :) :D

Wow, this is turning out to be long. XDDD

Inoo Kei! You're 21 now (and god damn it, you're legal. If you know what I mean. ;) ) but I hope you still manage to be as cute as you already are. I wish for further success for you and your group. :) (Oh! And a solo song!)

Happy Happy Happy Birthday! :) :D
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So, today everybody's been talking about some guy who is actually supposed to be a girl. He has the most girliest hands ever, he has the most girliest voice ever, and he flirts with almost, okay fine, EVERYONE in his group. He can play the piano and he can't dance, or maybe he can, whatever. And do I care about this person?


It's Inoo Kei! And it's his birthday! Of course I care about him! XDDDD He's my favorite JE boy ever! I love him to bits. XDDDD I wouldn't imagine Inoo Kei without his girly hands, his girly voice and his flirtiness. Maybe he can play me star time on his piano too? XDDD Also, one particular thing that I can't forget was when he danced the steps to UMP during the DCT making. He got it wrong too. Everytime I watch it I crack up. XDDD But that's what I love about him, his uniqueness. Plus, he's HOT! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

I've also been watching some old Ya-Ya-Yah shows lately I miss Taiyou, Kohei and Kusano. :|:| and unfortunately, he has this big fear of heights and rollercoasters, and speed machines, and haunted houses and everything else that's fast, spooky and can go way up high in the air. XDDDD I think it's kinda sweet to that he still hangs out with his friends, even though Kohei's not in the agency and Tamamori's in a different group. He's the sweetest boy ever. :)

So why am I inlove with you? Because you're girly, you're hot, you can play piano, you can't dance, you're sweet and everything in between. You're perfect Inoo. Happy birthday. ;)
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Yay for June 22!!!! Inoo-chan's birthday today. X3 He's finally 18. XDDD Maybe since he's 18 he won't be afraid of heights anymore? Since he's so afraid of Scream Machines like rollercoasters and the like. I remember when he was still a little cutie in the Ya-Ya-Yah shows and him and Shoon hit Hikaru's face with their cameras. XDDD Kei. What else is there to describe you. Hmm. The way you looked while hoping you would win against Yabu on Hi! Hey! Say!? The way you looked after realizing that you had just went on a rollercoaster? The way you looked when you hit a camera on Hikaru's face? Well, I know one thing in common in all of those situations. YOUR SMILE. One way or another, you always manage to smile. You always find a reason to smile as long as you have to and as long as you can. You made us laugh with the way you danced in the Making of Dreams Come True and the way you shouted "Ryutaro~~" in an empty dark room that we know Ryutaro wouldn't go to. You make us smile by smiling. And that's one thing that we like about you. :) Inoo Kei's one of those guys who'll make you smile just by looking at you. That's why he's loved by many, he just doesn't realize it. He made a great leader for J. J. Express too. And the fact that even though Kohei's not in the agency anymore and Tamamori's in a different group, you still go together like the best of friends. For your birthday, I wish you all the BEST and I wish you realize that there are alot of people who love you and adore you.

Have a Happy Birthday Inoo-chan! :D
Hope you have dorama soon! XDDD



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