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I like all things Marvel. Daredevil, Spiderman, The Hulk, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, X-Men, Captain America, Thor, you name it. But if you let me pick from these, my favorite movie would be Iron Man (but all the movies were awesome for me, really). I don't hate any comic book-turned movies, but Green Lantern I didn't like so much. I don't know why, but it turned out to be meh for me.

Bus Stop

Jul. 30th, 2011 08:33 pm
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Title: Bus Stop
Genre: Romance, Angst, Fluff
Rating: PG (for super slight language)
Pairing/Focus: Key/Amber (Key-centric)
Summary: “I thought I only lasted until summer was over,” she says with a tone of hurt and his heart breaks inside his chest.
A/N: Entry for [ profile] kpop_het's first fanfiction contest. :D The Theme was Summer, and I chose Keyber (OTP ♥) and this is what I came up with. XD Key was a bit OOC, I'm sorry. :( ;^; But I kind of wanted him a bit like that. XDD Hoping I don't disappoint. ^^ :)

normal narration
text messages and letters
(Key's thoughts)

“When you didn’t come,” and his heart breaks a little more. )

Yay for Keyber! \:D/ Key was kind of the sweetie in this one. :') I kind of thought of making an Amber version of this too. Would anyone like? :) Anyway, hope you like it! :)
Comments are much appreciated. ♥


Jul. 30th, 2011 08:14 pm
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I can't freakin' post my fic, damn it. :|
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I've been in the JPop fandom for roughly about 5 years now, and that makes me a Hey! Say! JUMP fan since 2007 and a hell of a well devoted and loyal fan too. XDD And since then, I've been forever fangirling, flailing, and loving (You know, as a fan. Not the serious type. I know my limits. :)) ) a super sweet, cute, hot, sexy, (everything, really) all around boy who rocks the Piano and Keyboards so hard it makes me melt. :') And guess what? It's his birthday. ;) Yup, you got it right.


I can't tell you all how much I adore this boy. :"> He's just so sweet and hilarious and talented. XDDD I'm really hoping in Hey! Say! JUMP's new single, he gets more lines. :( He deserves it, I swear. He's got a great voice! :) I hope he guest stars (praying so hard that this will happen XDDD) in Hikaru, Fujigaya and Tamamori's new drama too! \:D/ After all, Hikaru is his band member, Fujigaya's his label-mate and Tamamori's his bestfriend. XDDD I really hope he does, even just for an episode. :) :D

Wow, this is turning out to be long. XDDD

Inoo Kei! You're 21 now (and god damn it, you're legal. If you know what I mean. ;) ) but I hope you still manage to be as cute as you already are. I wish for further success for you and your group. :) (Oh! And a solo song!)

Happy Happy Happy Birthday! :) :D
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Title: Just Like A Circus
Pairing: SHINee/f(x)
Rating: G
Genre: General
Summary: Come one, come all and come see! The circus of the amazing shining SHINee!
A/N: FINALLY. -________- Writer's block for a long time. But fortunately, I got to finish it already! \:D/ Shiny Effects in AU this time. :)

Come on, come all! Enter our tent and see the best show yet! We’ve got acrobats, clowns, fire breathers, magicians, lion tamers, trapeze artists and a whole lot more! Enter for a wonderful sight and prizes galore! Come one, come all and come see! The circus of the amazing shining SHINee!

1. The Clown (Jongna)
I like to hide my feelings too. )

2. The Magician (Ontoria)
Abra Kadabra Alakazam )

3. The Fire Breather (Minstal)
I don’t like fire that much. )

4. The Acrobat (Taelli)
But you fell hard )

5. The Ring Master (Keyber)
It's his duty to always be there. )

AU SHINee/f(x) for your time. :)) I missed these pairings. :') Hope you enjoy reading! :)
Comments are much appreciated. ♥

P.S. Don't you just love circuses? I find them so interesting. XDD
P.P.S. Just in case people get confused. XDDDDD
Jonghyun - Clown
Onew - Magician
Minho - Fire Breather
Taemin - Acrobat
Key - Ring Master
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I have two prompts that I haven't even started yet. I need inspiration. *heartbreak* asdknAEF bwaobawurbvawubrwo b aw sb obas cwe Huhuhu. T______________T :((

Okay, so circus!SHINee and.. I haven't even thought of an f(x) one! :((

Anyone want to suggest a prompt? I'd be happy to put it up for consideration. :D Or maybe it could give me ideas. :> :))

Writer's block, please end. Bye.
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WRITERS BLOCK. -____________-

Hopefully I finish this fic (heck, I hope I even start) before I leave on 22. ^^; It's an AU fic though, so it's kind of difficult but not completely. :) I'll probably start after this post. :))

That's all I guess. Byebye. ^^ *waves*
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Title: We Don't Need A Holiday
Pairing: SHINee/f(x)
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance/Slight-humor
Summary: I think one single day would not be enough to tell you how lucky I am that we're together.
A/N: Yehey! SHINee/f(x) again. :D :) Slight-warning to the last line of the Taelli one. I just felt like it fit their drabble so much. XDDD You'll understand once you read through it. :)) Hope you all like! :D


I think one single day would not be enough to tell you how lucky I am that we're together.

1. Jongna
12:00 am: Boom. Boom. Boom. )

2. Minstal
He knelt down on one knee and she knew it. )

3. Taelli
For her, it was the cutest holiday. )

4. Keyber
So instead, he just annoyed her. )

5. Ontoria
It was so white and pure and somehow seemed magical to her.  )


Okay, there's a subtle hint of naughty Taemin in there. XDDD And I can totally imagine the Minstal scene. I swear. :') Oh, and Keyber makes me giddy with their cuteness. XDDD :))
Comments are much appreciated. ♥
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So after Jongna, beta-ing then posting another set of drabbles up again. :D :) Exciiiiited. ♥

So far, Ontoria's the most pretty one. :"> :))

Gosh, I don't even know how to start the Jongna one. @-) Ohwell, back to writing. :-j :)
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Title: Is There A Reason To Stay?
Pairing: SHINee/f(x)
Rating: G
Genre: Romance/Angst
Summary: And they all know that one day, they’ll all be happy with each other. It just wasn’t today.
A/N: First attempt on a SHINee/f(x) fic. :D I had three tries with Keyber and a long time before I finished the Taelli one, but I managed to go through it all. \:D/ :)) I'm hoping I don't disappoint, but I think it's a little mediocre. :-j Well, anyway. Here you go! :) :D :))

It all happened in one place, and once place only. It could’ve been Italy, Paris, or Tokyo. But, no. It only happened in one place, and they all knew where that was.

1. Ontoria
Someday, it’ll be her and him, like it’s always meant to be. )

2. Minstal
It was the only thing he didn’t even think of giving. )

3. Keyber
He just couldn’t bring himself to say it to her. )

4. Jongna
He knew he did something wrong again. )

5. Taelli
Then he thought, maybe he shouldn’t have said it yet. )
He’ll wait for her to get over another.

He’ll say the right words from now on.

He’ll finally tell her how he feels.

He’ll be a better boyfriend this time around.

He’ll tell her those words when she’s ready.

Because of all the places anyone could ever dream of thinking, it all happened there. Not at the City of Lights, or the City of Dreams, or the City of Love.

No, it happened in a city close to home. In fact, it was home. And they all know that one day, they’ll all be happy with each other. It just wasn’t today. But that didn’t matter.

Because they’ll always have Seoul.

Kinda thought I'd do drabbles since I'm not really in the right state of mind to make full fics yet. :))
Comments are much appreciated. ♥

P.S. I'll be working on making a fanfic community soon! :)
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I've missed LJ. :( And all its pretty graphics. :D I used to be soooo active, but then.. school started. Actually, I could still access it, but then I was a graduating student so it was pretty damn hard to. ^^; Well, anyway. time for my annual revamp! :D With, of course, another lay-out from [ profile] fruitstyle. :)

This year, my lay-out's turned to gray for a more lighter feel than the one last year. :) And, as per usual, my love for Hey! Say! JUMP stays the same. :') I kind of like this one because it has certain summer-y feel to it. :D Credits to [ profile] h_vivi for the picture. :)

Well, I guess that's all. :) I'll be posting a new fic in a few days, so watch out for that. :D

Byebye! *wayes*
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Introduction to Economics and its basic concepts

Advanced Algebra
Including Functions and Linear Equations

New Criticism, focusing on how a story is good

Yeah, studying sucks. :|
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Title : 5 love songs for YamaShi + 1 break-up song
Author : [ profile] chocolatecrack
Length : 1394 words
Pairing : YamaShi
Rating : G
Genre : Romance? XDD
Warnings/Disclaimer : I do not own this wonderful couple. XDDD
Summary : Mere words can’t explain how happy they both were.
A/N: YamaShi!! XDDD I missed them so much. :( So I just had to write a fic about them. Then I saw the YamaShi-thon by [ profile] ryoma_nakamada, so I wrote one of their prompts. :D :) Hope you like! :D Btw, I just couldn't bring myself to write a sad story about them because they were too beautiful, so the last one kinda has a twist in the end. XDD

They were perfect, balancing each other’s personality. )

Yay for YamaShi!! :D XDD Hope you liked it! The songs just fitted them so perfectly. XDD
Comments are ♥. (Though not required XDD)
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Title : 5 times BEST got scared of Chinen
Author : [ profile] chocolatecrack
Length : 484 words
Pairing : -none-
Rating : G
Genre : Comedy? And attempted crack. XDD
Warnings/Disclaimer : Oh, I how I wish I could own them. XDD
Summary : It's Chinen. Who could resist?
A/N: Okay, this idea stuck onto my head when I watched all the clips of Hey! Say! JUMP and apparently Chinen getting spoiled by BEST. XDDD Hope you like. :)

small, but very, very, VERY terrible )

Oh, Chinen. You never cease to amaze me with your manipulating skills. XDDD Not sure if it's that good though, but I hope you like it! :D
Comments are ♥. (Though not required XDD)
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I changed my layout again! :D I'm gonna do this every year. :) From Peach, to Green, to Blue and now Black. XDD Of course, my layout and profile layout's still from the lovely community [ profile] fruitstyle :D :) You should try going there sometimes, they have awesome layouts, profile codes, wallpapers and everything. ;) As usual, Hey! Say! JUMP still has my heart as it still is my header for the 3rd time in a row. :') They look so pretty. :D This would probably be the first header that they look serious, since in my two previous ones, they were smiling. XDD Also, thanks to [ profile] inoovirus for the picture in the header. :D :) I also made new icons, like this sexy Inoo one. Hoooooot. =P~ XDDD Anyway, that's all. :D :)

Byebye. *waves*
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Title: I never stopped loving you
Pairing: YamapixKeiko
Rating: T
Genre: Romance/Angst
Type: One-shot
Summary: The world knew they were meant to be together, they just wouldn’t let it happen. Call it cliché, but destiny now existed because of them.
A/N: Before anything else, I recommend you listen to Yamapi's song "Loveless" while reading this, since this fic is pretty much based on the song. XDD I fell inlove with KeikoPi in Buzzer Beat, and I started shipping them since then. :) I never really thought I could write sad stories, but I tried. XDD Hope you like it. :D

And with that, everything was gone. )

KeikoPi is <3. Seriously. :') I love them both to bits. :D :) They make my heart flutter. XDD
Comments are ♥. (Though not required. XDD)
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Title: Come, fly with me.
Pairing: RyoxAya
Rating: T
Genre: Romance (a little fluff)
Type: One-shot
Summary: He chuckled. And smirked. And made her heart beat 10 times faster than a few seconds ago.
A/N: I've never read a RyoAya fic before, and I really think they lack a fandom. XDD They looked so cute in Attention Please! I mean, Shouta doing all the effort of buying a plane ticket, traveling all the way to Hawaii, giving a reason such as "Because you're here." and worrying about her getting kidnapped is simply sweet. :')

She was still waiting for an answer and he just merely looked at her so deeply, it made her weak in the knees. )

They're so cute, it makes my heart melt. :') ♥ I think this fic wasn't as good as I thought it would be, though. Since I made this in like, 20 or 15 minutes or so. XDD But I do hope you like it. :)
Comments are ♥.

And of course, like last time, I made icons that came with the fic. XDD :D

Come, fly with me )

Credits for the pictures and textures are on my graphics community, [ profile] bubblywrap. :) If taking, please credit [ profile] chocolatecrack. :D
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Someone please write me A JinxMeisa fic.
Or two..
Or whatever!!!
Please. Please.


I don't care if it's sad, or happy, or full of fluff, or smut or whatever, I just need one. I've been DYING to read one. Their OTP needs love too.:(

Just ONE. (or ten, if you'd like XDD)

Please? :(

*Okay, I'm a really desperate JinxMeisa fan. XDDDDD

Je t'aime

Jan. 8th, 2010 09:39 am
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Title: Je t'aime
Pairing: JinxMeisa
Rating: T
Genre: Romance (a little fluff)
Type: One-shot
Summary: He put the folded paper between his fingers, but she didn’t notice. Then he took her hand and bent down to kiss it as she handed her the paper and walked away, smiling. Meisa furrowed her eyebrows and watched his figure slowly drift away.
A/N: Since there are a serious lack of JinxMeisa fics out there, I decided to make one. XDDD I do think they look quite good together though, since Jin would be a total idiot but Meisa would keep him intact and still love him at the same time. :D XDDD

Right then and there, her heart just melted. )

Okay, I seriously need a drama of them together. XDDDD First attempt on Romance, didn't know if I did a good job. :|:| XDDD
Comments are ♥.

EDIT: Couldn't help but make icons. XDDD

Je t'aime )
Credits for the pictures and textures are on my graphics journal, [ profile] bubblywrap. :) If taking, please credit [ profile] chocolatecrack. :D
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So, today everybody's been talking about some guy who is actually supposed to be a girl. He has the most girliest hands ever, he has the most girliest voice ever, and he flirts with almost, okay fine, EVERYONE in his group. He can play the piano and he can't dance, or maybe he can, whatever. And do I care about this person?


It's Inoo Kei! And it's his birthday! Of course I care about him! XDDDD He's my favorite JE boy ever! I love him to bits. XDDDD I wouldn't imagine Inoo Kei without his girly hands, his girly voice and his flirtiness. Maybe he can play me star time on his piano too? XDDD Also, one particular thing that I can't forget was when he danced the steps to UMP during the DCT making. He got it wrong too. Everytime I watch it I crack up. XDDD But that's what I love about him, his uniqueness. Plus, he's HOT! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

I've also been watching some old Ya-Ya-Yah shows lately I miss Taiyou, Kohei and Kusano. :|:| and unfortunately, he has this big fear of heights and rollercoasters, and speed machines, and haunted houses and everything else that's fast, spooky and can go way up high in the air. XDDDD I think it's kinda sweet to that he still hangs out with his friends, even though Kohei's not in the agency and Tamamori's in a different group. He's the sweetest boy ever. :)

So why am I inlove with you? Because you're girly, you're hot, you can play piano, you can't dance, you're sweet and everything in between. You're perfect Inoo. Happy birthday. ;)


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