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Title: Break
Genre: Angst
Rating: G
Pairing/Focus: Luhan/OC
Summary: EXO needed one of their own, a girl group counterpart. She gets picked to be in it. “So, I’m guessing things have to end now, right?” and his heart breaks little by little by the sudden realization because he knows she’s right and he knows this was the consequence of having to choose between your dreams and your heart.
A/N: First time writing about an OC. ^^ I saw this post and this confession both on Tumblr and I had lots of Luhan feels, I don't even know why, so this is the product of my brain. Wut. Yea. XDD Wrote this in probably, more or less, 20 minutes because I just kept typing away and whatever, hahaha. Hope it turns out okay. Well, hope it turns out better than I planned, anyway. Hahaha. Also, I really hope SM does make a girlgroup counterpart for EXO. That way, more ships to ship. Woopee. Enjoy. :)

Maybe their relationship really was doomed from the start )

Yeheyz for Luhan, woohoo. I wanted to write Baekhyun at first, but I don't why Luhan kept popping in my mind when I was writing this, so I wrote Luhan instead. You can imagine the girl to be whoever, btw. You can even imagine it as you, haha. XDD That's why I purposely didn't put the name in (and also because if SM actually did make a girlgroup counterpart for EXO, and I ship Luhan with one of them, I can imagine her to be this too. Hihi. ^^ Anywany, hope you liked it, and comments are appreciated. ♥


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