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A day late, sorry. :( But whatever. :)) Anyway, here is part 2 of my boredom SHINee/f(x) Drabble sets! Yay. :D Here you goooo. Oh, and one is particularly long because I could not stop writing, but I cut it down anyway. :)) Guess which one that is. ;)

Onew/Amber – incomplete

He watches his hoobaes on stage as they sing out mysteric and hysteric
but he can’t help but feel like the whole damn thing was wrong
because a certain brown-haired, blonde highlighted, bob-cut, boyish girl rapper
wasn’t up there with them.

Jonghyun/Luna – is that what i think it is?

Because apparently, their whole room is a mess and she can’t find her hairbrush anywhere
so she ends up searching in his drawers and finds a small velvet box with a sparkling ring inside.
“Damn it, I thought I could surprise you this time,”
and she turns to see him in a suit with a bouquet in his hands. “Will you marry me?”
She says yes in probably every single language she could think of.

Minho/Victoria – head over heart

He tried thinking about the logical explanation
as to why his heart ends thumping and booming whenever she’s around.
As to why he’s always a stuttering idiot when talking to her,
why he can never make sense when her name is mentioned
and his mind goes on haywire. So, he doesn’t listen to it instead.

Taemin/Krystal – so that’s how you wanna play it

On purpose (made to look accidental) touches, too obvious glances,
mixed signals, subliminal teases, he got fed up so he asked
what the hell was going on and she tries to look innocent.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about, oppa,”
and he smirks because he was more than willing to play her little game.

Key/Sulli – what i’m thankful for

Every time Kibum’s having one of those days
when he’s just so damn tired of every single thing,
she’s always there to give him a tight hug, a bright smile, complete with,
“You’re doing great, oppa!!” and he thanks the heavens that they gave him Choi Jinri.

Oh, btw, Happy Birthday Luna!! ^^ Anyway, hope you guys enjoy reading and comments are much appreciated. ♥
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