I Won't Go

Aug. 24th, 2011 09:00 am
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Title: I Won't Go
Rating: G
Pairing/Focus: Jonghyun/Luna (Luna-centric), a bit f(x)/Luna because I'm cool again like that, ninja!Key/Amber
Summary: She wanted to lie. She wanted to tell him that everything was okay (that she was okay) because she didn't want to hurt him even more than he already was.
A/N: Luna's version of the earlier fic I posted? Don't know. Haha. XDD I guess, because I found out about the Luna injury from dancing in Inkigayo, that I had to write another fic about them. Luna's side this time. :> And Luna should get well soon. Please. :( Anyway, here. A bit longer than the earlier one, but still the same I guess. :)) Oh, and there's a ninja!pairing there. Guess who. ;) Oh wait.. I wrote it in the Pairing/Focus thing. Ohwell. XDDD

She sits alone in the practice room basically staring at nothing because she can't do anything else anyway, not with her foot like this. She was never going to dance with a chair in the choreography ever again.

Sulli and Krystal were so worried that they immediately rushed to her whereabouts when they found out. Sulli almost cried and Krystal was shaking her head. Luna had no choice but to give them a sheepish smile.

Victoria had to cover because she had to be the responsible leader everyone sees her to be. So she learned and practiced and perfected a choreography minutes before the actual performance just so she could save whatever she could. But deep inside, she couldn't focus at all because one of her members (daughters, to be exact) got hurt yet again, and she couldn't take it. No, she can't lost one of them for a long time. Not again.

Amber was the most worried though, because she knew what it felt like. She knew how hard it was to have an injury and how painful it was to endure it, but she was hoping, praying, wishing (anything) that this wasn't like what she had been through. It hurt, yes, to feel the sore of a sprain. But it hurt even more on the inside when she saw her members achieve so much without her. She didn't want Luna to feel that. So Luna, knowing how Amber must've felt, gave her a reassuring smile and told her that she will be fine, that "Don't worry, unnie, I'm okay. I actually feel better already," (even though at that moment, she wasn't so sure of her answer).

"And you told me to be careful,"


"Very funny, Jonghyun-oppa,"

"Does it still hurt?"

She wanted to lie. She didn't want to tell him that it did because she didn't want him worrying for her because he had himself to worry about as well. She wanted to tell him that everything was okay (that she was okay) because she didn't want to hurt him ever more than he already was.

"A bit. It's still sore,"

But she couldn't because she saw the sad look in his eyes and the tone of concern in his voice and it was too much for her to handle.

"I can move it already though, doctor said in a few days it'll be healed already. It's not really such a big deal. I don't know why everyone's so—”

Kim Jonghyun grabs her and plants a soft kiss on her forehead. It was so sweet that she felt something tug at her heartstrings.

"I don't want you to leave, Sunyoung. You can't imagine how Kibum felt when Amber left. I don't want to feel that, so please.. please be okay,"

Key was the ultimate diva when Amber left. He was demanding and suffocating and frustrated with the world all of the time, but most of all because he was hurt so bad. He couldn't take Amber leaving. It was like his heart left without saying goodbye. But then again, Amber did tell her how Key would call every night even though it was freakin' dawn in LA. Those two and their love for each other. It was cute.

"I am, oppa. I am, and I will be,

She smiles at him, and he kisses her forehead again.

"Better than your hug, right?"

She scoffs and playfully punches him on the arm, as he just laughs it off.

She'll be fine, she'll be okay. For the sake of Amber, and f(x), and their fans. And of course, for him.

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super cute jongna fic :) i love how you wrote this ^^ great job!


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